Don’t Die Onstage

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Ok so, through a failed reality show that would’ve been a great idea with Hip Hop legends Rakim and EPMD I would’ve had the opportunity to “co-star” alongside two of the greats!…It never happened but what did happen is this guy from Michigan (me) found himself backstage at a concert with Rakim! It was Funk Fest in Atlanta and there were a lot of big names, the manager for Rakim (Matt) and I had kind of built a relationship through trying to get the reality show off the ground … when that fell through we remained cool and so next time they were in Atlanta he invited me out. Here I am back stage with a “God” of Hip Hop and I’m with his family and all these celebrities come in his dressing showing him soooo much praise and respect and I DO MEAN BIG TIME CELEBRITIES such as ICE CUBE! I was floored… I didn’t say much (would you?) …then me and Rakim went outside … well… he did …I followed him…lol. When we got outside he pulled me to the side and said to me “…your music is authentic hip hop but it feels so fresh and not dated, if you keep doin whatchu doin…you’ll be me in 5 years…” WTF!!!! MIND BLOWN!!!.. he didn’t have to say ANYTHING TO ME ….he just could’ve shook my hand and said its good to meet you and I would’ve had something to tell me grandchildren… I couldn’t believe it.

I’m with Rakim and his family all day and I’m feeling like I’ve built some good rapport with him and that he might wanna jump and record with me or something …I mean right? the day ends I go home… the next day comes… the next week comes… 4 months go by and nothing nothing at all… I’m truly bummed out like.. it really messed with me … because well, I left this part out … he asked for phone and he put in his cell and his home number (yes, HOME number, at least he’s authentic), I texted a couple times and nothing back, in 4 months! SO anyway, I get booked in Charlotte North Carolina for the CIAA Tournament parties and concerts… I see that Nas is there ( I have a story about that TOO!!! wow, next blog), EPMD is there, DOUG E. FRESH is there… and RAAAAKIMMMM is there!… well well well… Mr. I- can’t- return- nobodies- texts…Mr. just- because- I’m- top 5 in- the- history- Rap- EVER- and- I- will- surely- let- you- know-it.

Se'von and Rakim

So I end up seeing Matt and introducing him to a girl that was doing my bookings (She’s a known felon now, I had no idea), they exchanged numbers… and 3 months later I’m touring with Rakim, I think the first city was Atlanta…wheww! Fast forward, we are in a hotel a block away from the venue (Centerstage) drinking and all the celebrities are coming in and out to see Rakim…then our (his) entourage of about 40 people make our way down onto the street and begin walking over to the venue… security lets us in the side/ back “important people” entrance… but before I go in I can see a long line near the front entrance… I see a young producer I’ve recently worked with in the back of the line… I sneak over to him and he’s excited to see me… I say, “what are you doing in this line” he says that he had come to see me perform but they tickets are all sold out… he tells me he’s by himself… so I told him to just follow me and don’t talk a lot …lol.

We go down to mine and Rakim’s dressing room where there’s currently about 50 people. I go on before Ra.. in my own city!…. and the stage manager just came down and told me its my time… Rakim looks at me and says “…go killem”…my videographer is behind me and I can feel him recording every tense muscle in my body as I climb the stairs and head toward the stage… I see one of my lyrical comrades (Mic Sic) up on the side of the stage so I ask him if he would bring me out… he’s excited to do it !…(In my head…Breathe…breathe… You have to Breathe Se’von…. you don’t wanna die on stage), my music starts… I walk out on stage…1,100 people … all eyes on me….I pull out my weapon of choice (my mic) then I follow Rakim’s instructions!… BHOOOOOM!!!!!

The songs I performed at this show are a BIG part of the reason I decided to put this album together! you can them enjoy here by clicking this link

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