The Day that almost changed my…Lyfe?

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If I can remember right, it was around early spring 2010 me and a colleague (Stephanie) were both working in a little run down office building, in Marietta Georgia, pitching for endorsement deals for the R & B singer Monica, I remember hating this job even though I learned a lot about how that part of the music business worked. At this point I had already made my trek from Mount Clemens Michigan to Atlanta and was eager to put the momentum I created back home to work for me in my new home state.

Stephanie called me later that evening and asked me to come out and have a drink with her… she was someone I only hung out with at work and didn’t think we would have much to talk about so I declined she said “…ok maybe another time…”, she hung up then texted me “ oh … and your boy Lyfe Jennings is up here..” , Now let’s go back just for a second, first of all at this time I was an enormous fan of the super star singer/ song writer Lyfe Jennings, I had even opened up for him and Goapele at the Royal Oak Music Theater back home (I’m almost positive he would not remember that and vowed that if I ever met him again I would NEVER bring it up), Stephanie knew this and even today I still think she was trying to bait me lol, anyway. So I replied to her “ok I think I can swing one drink with you…” (Mind you, there is no smooth way to change your mind that quickly without looking obvious, I didn’t try).

When I made it up to Mazzy’s (the Bar & Grill Lyfe was at) I had a drink and sat and talked to her as long as I could… (approx. 4 minutes, lol), I then told her I was going to say what’s up to Lyfe, whom was outside entertaining some very physically blessed ladies on the patio, then bounce.

When I got out there, I introduced myself and said I didn’t mean to disturb, just wanted to say hey… then he insisted that I stay and have a drink, I smiled but declined (I truly didn’t wanna look like this rapper, R & B groupie) but he insisted and let me know everything was on him, so I sat down, we talked for about 20 min and since I didn’t want to over stay my welcome I decided to begin my exit, BUT, before I did, I told him that my father had recently passed (less than a year before this encounter) and that ‘bout time I flew home when I first heard he was sick…he was in a coma, I told him that my father’s hospice nurse told me that hearing is the last thing that goes and that my father could probably still hear me, so I put on my headphones, held my dad’s hand and sang to him Lyfe’s song “Midnight Train” ( I still get teary when I think about this ), I told Lyfe that I remember being so mad at myself that I couldn’t sing the song clearly because I was crying so hard, the next morning I was woken up by a phone call from the hospice nurse telling me my father had died about 10 min before she called… “Midnight Train” was the last song my father ever heard and I was the one to sing it to him. I said to Lyfe “… I just feel like you deserve to know the impact and reach your records have”.

He was almost in tears , (here’s this multi-platinum singer/ song writer that I sooo admired almost in tears through my story…) this is when I knew that even if never made a dollar in music I wanted to touch people with it. Lyfe looked up at me and said “… I won’t lie, I don’t remember hearing your music, but If your music is anything like your soul I cannot wait to hear it” (we all got up soon after). Lyfe asked me for a cd as we began heading to the parking lot ( I remember damn near running to the parking lot so he didn’t see that I drove an over-heating, 3 hub cap having, moon roof- don’t -open ass car, while he’s climbing into his brand new Maserati coupe). I gave him my album… he called me 2 weeks later telling me he wanted to sign me .. A few months later he went to jail… damn.

We all have our own story to tell.. I choose to record mine over some pretty impressive tracks, I’d love for the most important person on my journey YOU, the listener, to be apart of my story and simply click this link to download my latest story-filled project “Stadium of Hearts”

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